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New Rubanesque jewellery collections in my etsy shop

by Ruth October 7, 2012
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D day is finally here or ‘Le Jour J’ as the French say … sounds so much better in French like most things! This week I launched three new jewellery collections in my etsy shop. I had originally planned to launch each collection individually but on a  whim I decided to put a few items […]

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Getting Busy

by Ruth January 16, 2012
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I love Mondays….I suspect there are not many who share my sentiments (especially if I remember my corporate days) It’s totally selfish really, Monday means my little guy goes for a few hours to his nanny (or ‘Assistante Maternelle’ as they are called in France), from noon till five, I get the chance to busy […]

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In celebration

by Ruth November 20, 2011
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…of my first sales on Rubanesque, I am running a promotion all week for free shipping,  just enter the voucher code 844802011 at checkout! Picture via Marianne Fellman  Happy Shopping!

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Ribbon comparisons

by Ruth October 25, 2011
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So the last few days have been very exciting, we held our first official photo shoot for the launch collection of Rubanesque and the very talented and very lovely Aubrey Allison, a photography student at SCAD, currently studying in Lacoste, shot the full range with her good friend Marissa modelling….I really love what they have […]

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So hello…..

by Ruth August 3, 2011
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…It has been TOO long, I can’t believe the last time I properly wrote here was at the end of June. Where did July go? In truth, this blog has been completly neglected as I’ve been holed up in my atelier experimenting with all sorts of exotic mediums including resin and acrylic. Patience is not […]

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