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Welcome to Exquisite Threads!

Exquisite Threads trades in antique and vintage textiles, including silk jacquard ribbons, lace, metallic trims, appliques, buttons and notions.

I offer unique museum quality antique textiles, including salesmans samples that were handwoven over the last 150 years in my familys silk factory, Maison Julien Faure in St. Etienne. These ribbons have been woven on jacquard metiers and are the very finest quality, jacquard ribbon made for haute couture.

Exquisite Threads also serves as a personal shopping service for sourcing props for magazine stylists and art directors

For updates, news, inspiration and photographs of my treasures please follow me on instagram, facebook and pinterest. Please join up to ensure you don’t miss out on news as to our new antique textiles for sale, where where we have been, what we have found and where you can find us to buy from!


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