Peak into an 1892 antique ribbon ledger

by Ruth September 23, 2014
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Another glimpse into our family silk archive room. One shelf contains rows and rows of these beautiful thick, hard backed folders. The numbers (seen here) 23 – 29 denote the order from youngest to oldest. The four digit number e.G. 4049 4177 refers to the reference of each ribbon contained within. So to know what […]

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Little packages off to see the world

by Ruth September 19, 2014
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  I had so much fun pulling together a bunch of antique silks for a NY magazine editor, can’t wait to see what they do with them! Another package wings its way to a client in San Francisco, she is a collector of my work so I made a special package for her pulling together […]

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Inspiring me – Emily Felderman

by Ruth September 17, 2014
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Just discovered textile artist, Emily Feldermans antique scissor series. Sumptious embroidery and antique scissors, what is there not to love and desire? I find myself drawn again and again to artists who connect with antique objects, who are enchanted by the whispering echos of past lives, and importantly aspire to making them ‘live’ again, She […]

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Learnings from a pop up shop

by Ruth September 16, 2014
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I mentioned on my facebook page that I would do a blog post on my learnings after running my second pop up shop this summer…so here goes. This time round, I had a little under 5 weeks notice that the space was available. This was so much more notice than I had last year so […]

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Dark, seductive ribbon sample books

by Ruth September 15, 2014
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Let me take you on a dark journey into the bellows of our family archive room. This particular visit, I spent most of my time on the floor, in the semi dark (conditions to preserve the archives), taking photographs of the archive book spines. My pulse starts racing every time I enter, inhaling the smell […]

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Exquisite Threads

by Ruth September 15, 2014
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I would often hear the words, whatever you don’t want or need just throw it in the bin, something I could never do. Ever tiny fragment reminded me of how fragile this artisan industry is and how quickly the skills are disappearing. No matter how small, how shreaded or how out of fashion, I would […]

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La retour

by Ruth September 13, 2014
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I’m back…and it has been one serious ride the last six months. A lot of ups and quite a few downs to balance it all out. So if I were to describe everything it would take pages, and pages and it would be terribly boring so in an attempt to give you an idea of […]

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Inspiring me

by Ruth May 18, 2014
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I can’t get enough of these incredible collages mixing antique jewels, gravures, notions and found objects. “Each one of these objects in my store, they don’t belong to me permanently. They are just passing through.”   Photography by Anita Calero for the book Jewelry by Federico de Vera

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Sparkling beauties

by Ruth March 31, 2014
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Charlotte and I hit the French highway and embarked on our first ‘ladies-only’ adventure down to see my friend Corey Amaro. She is a wonderful supporter, listener, friend, fellow hoarder/collector and we spent hours with her talking silk, dreaming and scheming collaborations , drinking ‘Wedding Imperial’ Mariage Freres tea, sifting through antique limoges stamps, chandelier […]

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In the studio

by Ruth February 19, 2014
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One of the major inspirations for me at the minute when working away on new pieces is an wondrous painting from the ‘Desirs et Volupte’ Exhibition which ran in the Musee Jacquemart -Andre this winter. I could stare at it all day, Les Roses d’Heliogabalus, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1888 What to do with an antique 1920s […]

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