Still life on a Sunday

by Ruth November 30, 2014
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I took this image of beautiful antique pots assembled in the kitchen of my friend Corey Amaros house. It’s hard to take a bad photograph chez elle.

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One year old

by Ruth June 27, 2013
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  My little girl turned one so we threw a small celebration to mark our survival and bonne continuation. It called for tiny dancers, big fat chunky chocolate chip cookies, a roaring bbq and vats of wine (for the parents). I know I felt I wouldnt survive the first six months especially with the torturous […]

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Official opening of ‘La Maison Basse’, an incredible residence & atelier space for SCAD Lacoste

by Ruth October 9, 2012
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We had a whirl of a weekend, on Saturday we were invited to the official opening of the Maison Basse, a historical Provencal Mas at the foot of Lacoste which has been completely renovated by SCAD and is now serving as a centre for student life and learning.  Delicious canapes, the tinkling of a piano […]

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Charlotte aux framboises

by Ruth August 3, 2012
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Did you know there was a dessert called a Charlotte aux Framboises?  I only discovered the fact on day three after Charlotte’s birth whilst surfing the channels in hospital. Note to self: if one finds oneself in a French hospital again, best not to pay for TV access as you will find yourself watching endless […]

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Sewn with Love

by Ruth August 2, 2012
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The summer his first child, a daughter was born, a father sewed a corner of his garden with wild flowers seeds, they blossomed just in time for her first birthday. If you were to walk through a typical Lacoste garden you would see plenty of  hardy herbs such as wild thyme and rosemary, succulents and […]

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by Ruth June 8, 2012
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Photo of Louis and I on our first few days out of hospital We are mere days away from meeting our little girl and I am giddy with nerves. Partly terrified, partly excited, there is no turning back! When we were initially talking about trying for a second child I was consumed with the worry […]

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Let it Snow!

by Ruth January 31, 2012
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Brrrr….It started snowing in the middle of the night and literally has only just let up (and it’s 7pm)… Lacoste is covered in snow and I imagine everyone is snuggling close to an open fire as there isn’t a single car on the road (we tried to leave our drive but the car politily declined…) […]

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Saying goodbye

by Ruth December 7, 2011
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This weekend past, my husbands grandfather, the wonderful Georgy Faure passed away. Following a long illness, for many of his loved ones it was a huge relief to see him finally in peace. In his office,  I came across this photograph of Georgy, aged 15, proudly grinning at the camera as he received his “promesse” […]

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The beach

by Ruth November 7, 2011
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This is the beach I spent most every summer as a child building sand castles on, engineering dams out of sand and rock, exploring the various caves and hidden beaches barefoot, fishing in the rock pools. As a teenager, you could find me nestled in a sheltered cliff ledge mooning over my latest crush and […]

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Louis Turns Two

by Ruth October 4, 2011
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So our little boy turned two on Sunday, talk about blink and two years fly by…. As we are also coming up to our one year anniversary of moving to Provence, Raphael and I decided to throw a big party for all our closest family and friends in Lacoste, with my mum kindly offering her […]

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